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* Complete Research for Vintage Blythe (1/4) *
The first stuck for all Blythe bigginers might be 'What is a Vintage Blythe?', 'What is the difference from my Blythe?' But ansewers for these questions are quite common sense among Blythe professionals. If you wanna know BLYTHE, you have to understand these answer. I'll explain them completely on this page, you could get full information for Vintage Blythe. Then you become the good speaker about Blythe, you can join and enjoy conversations among blythe freaks.

Blytye, a old doll made by Kenner, America, was born in 1972. She has a big face with characteristic eyes. We can change her eye color pulling a string which is on her back. Her eye color has 4 colors. Blythe was sold for children's toy, but her characteristic face made almost of all children felt grimmy. A lot of children said for example, 'Her eyes are scary.', 'Her face is too big', ' can't sleep well becase I couldn't forgot her scary face'. Therefore Kenner had decided to stop to produce Blythe. Blythe was produced for only a year.

We usually call Blythe made by Kenner as 'Vintage Blythe' to distinguish from replicated one. There are four haircolor, red, blonde, brunetle, black.

No one care her for almost 30 years. Oneday, Gina Garan, a photographer in NY, knew Blythe from her friend and loved blythe, began to collect her. In 2000, she published a photographic collection ' this is blythe '. On this winter, 2000, Blythe was appeared again in Japan. Parco, a famous fashin mall based in Japan, decided to adopt her on its CM, and this was a trriger to start Blythe fever. Next year, 2001, Takara, a Japanese toy maker, released a replicated blythe ( we call it 'replica-blythe' ), A lot of Japanese girl ( and some boy ) who watched Parco's CM rushed to the shop to get replica-blythe.

Now, there are 24 type of replica-blythe ( as of Aug, 2003 ). And its fever is spreadding all over the world.

※You can buy 'this is blythe' at amazon
※You can see Parco CM at official site
※I'm not sure but the eyes changing for four colors have been patented.


* Classify for Vintage Blythe *
Vintage Blythe are sorted for 4 types by its hair color.

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Blonde is the most well-known one. The easiest one to buy, but I think it's still expensive in terms of second-handed doll. It is also classified into center part and off-center part.

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Black is also easy to buy. Comparing with LoveMission, her hair would be a brown and black. She has a forelock and there isn't a black blythe with no forelock. Her hair would be little bit short than other Black one. Someone would cut her hair.

Her dress isn't an original one, but it's sold as a optional dress set.

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Brunetle, it's quite similar on PC display, but more brown. There were off-center part, and forelock. You can see her enough forelock comparing above Black one. There are 2 types of forelock, enough and not.

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Red, the most precious and popular Blythe. By the way, In 1972, Blonde was the most popular. There are Off-center and Forelock.

Off-center of Vintage Blythe is always right offset. No left offset Vintage Blythe.

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