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Japanese Version
* Blythe Replicated in the US *
In 2003 there was a story that Blythe will be re-produced in the US, and the summer in 2004 it was truly re-produced. Many Japanese who were discouraged by Japanese Blythe had a great expectation becauseof blythe was produced the first in the US. And according to this story, the dress and the shoes will be also re-produced! Many of the Japanese replica blythe don't wear either the vintage dress or the vintage shoes. I've decided to buy it, compare it and write these differences. The last story is actually true or false? What about the dress, shoes and case? And its face? To read this article and let's understand these differences.

* Tried to take photos from the same position, angle, but there's little differences

* Chose Bohemian Beats Again as Neo Blythe, French Trench as Superior Blythe

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At first, I'll explain its case which is the big feature of America replicated Blythe.

You can see these differences. The case of America Blythe is bigger than the Japanese Neo Blythe. 44cm(H)x21cm(W). In Comparison, the case of Neo Blythe is 30cm(H)x18cm(W). It's actually different, but you can feel more differences when you see directly.

The case has a clear cover. In left photo I took them off. You can take off and put on as you like. So this case is one of the closet. When you keep back them, just put the clear cover on and when you play Blythe, remove it and play Blythe.

Left: America Blythe, Right:Japanese Blythe (MONO COMME CA)

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Next, their looks. I tried to wear the same dress which comes with America Blythe.

Looking these 4 faces, you can find that the skin of America Blythe is not good. It looks like as if she has favor or something other ill. If I ask someone, everybody would say to me "I agree." She looks like not blond, not healthy, not sun burn, not flush, etc. But I can say she looks like americanized face. When I saw her the first time, I felt she looks like foreigner.

And her makeup is also not good. It may be because her face color is not good. I feel her rouge is also dull.

Body, arms, legs and measurement are the same as Vintage Blythe. You can use all clothes to her. Her very-long-hair is also attractive.

Top left: America Blythe, Top right: Vintage, Bottom left: Neo Blythe, Bottom right:: Superior Blythe

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Let's look their faces. In comparison with these 4 faces, I'd like to stress that the skin of America Blythe is not good. But we forget it at the present time. Just compare their parts, face, eyes, mouth, etc.

Compared holisonal feature. I arranged their face just beneith their eyes. You can find 2nd yellow line penetrates America Blythe's nose, but doesn't penetrate other 3 dolls. So the nose of America Blythe looks upper. I can also say her nose is located upper than other 3 dolls. Another evidence is 3rd yellow line. It's located just above America Blythe's mouth. But you can see for other 3 dolls, this yellow line is passed between mouth and nose. Therefore America Blythe's chin is longer than others, but the bottom of their face is same. It's meant that America Blythe's face is the same size from others, but chin is long.

Next, their vertical feature. I wrote a line to penetrate their nose and mouth. Please look at the 4th line which is the most outside one and compare with America Blythe and Vintage Blythe. The face line of Vintage Blythe is linear. For example from ear to temple is linear, but for America Blythe, it's not linear, more rounded. I can say her ear is the most outside and her temple is located little bit inner. So you feel America Blythe has a rounded face. This is the biggest difference from Vintage Blythe. It's also same for Neo Blythe. She has also rounded face. In the case for Superior, It has been improved and quite similar to Vintage.

The conclusion to compare America Blythe's face is that nose, mouth is located little bit upper than other 3 dolls. And her face is similar to Neo Blythe.

Left: America Blythe, Vintage, Superior, Neo. Same for vertical line.

Compare with their mouth.

America Blythe's mouth is the biggest. and quite different from others. The bottom of it is large. I never compared like this but you can see Neo Blythe's mouth is similar to Vintage one. Superior's mouth is little small and side is up.

Top: America, Vintage, Superior, Neo

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Next, eyehall.

The first impression of America Blythe's eyehall is rounded and big. It's a common sense that triangled eyehall would be ideal. This is because Vintage one is triangle. Superior's eyehall is little bit triangle and come to vintage. Neo Blythe's eyehall is rounded. So I can say America Blythe's eyehall is similar to Neo. But in comparison with Neo, America Blythe's eyehall is larger.

Eye's angle is similar to others. By the way it is the common sense that Superior's eye is too located inside. You can understand this story with left picture.

Top: America, Vintage, Superior, Neo

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Let's look their eyes deeply. It's a comparison called "Kira me." It means how brilliant their eyes are.

I want to stress directly but America Blythe's eyes is the worst. Not so brilliant. I should change her eyes to brilliant eyes. The japanese call this custom "to be Kira Me." And white of the eyes is too white.

One thing I am in favor of her eye angle. It's quite similar to Vintage. So if we customize her eyes to be brilliant, it would be more similar to Vintage's eyes.

Top: America, Vintage, Superior, Neo

You feel like I am a persistent person, but I'd like to say that the America Blythe's eyes are awful. Her eyes are not "Kira Me." not so brilliant, and another thing is her iris isn't black deeply.

You can see her blue iris from left photo. Black iris is ideal but her iris isn't. So we feel her eyes is not sharp, attractive. Left photo is an example but I can say the same thing for other 3 colors. Bottom is superior's eyes and her iris is more black.

Top: America, Superior.

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How about her eyelash?

America Blythe has enough eyelash and these are all thick. You can see her black thickness eyelash. Below is Vintage and you can find these differences.

In comparison with Neo Blythe, her eyelash is too thin and not enough. But in case of America Blythe, some would say "It's too thick!"

Top: America, Vintage, Superior, Neo

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Now, her back of the head.

These 4 are similar. I don't know but they have same gimmick so their back of the head may necessarily same.

But one little feature for America Blyhe. She has a hole for sun glasses which Superior and Neo don't has.

TopLeft: America, TopRight: Superior, BottomLeft: Vintage, BottomRight: Neo

Click, you can hear her eyechange sound

And next, not her looks, but her "sound."

Have you ever heard the sound when changing vintage's eye? If yes, you feel it's different from Neo or Superior. I think one of the Vintage feature is this sound. Some Neo Blythe lover would change her gimmick to close the sound. For example expand her spring.

I recorded the sound changing each eyes. Please hear these sound and understand these differences. To hear the sound, click left photo or click here. It's mp3 file. At first, I recorded Superior eye change for 8 times, next America, also 8times, and last, vintage 8times.

After that, I realized America Blythe's sound is good. It's not as same as Vintage sound, but its sound is more light and elegant than Neo's sound. This is a good point for America Blythe.

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How about her hair? Neo and Superior Blythe uses one of the fiber called "saran" for her hair, but America Blythe doesn't use it. So you feel quite different when you touch America Blythe's hair. I can say her hair is also different from Vintage. Vintage's hair is more coarse. I think America Blythe's hair is the closest to human's one.

Her hair volume is enough.

I took this photo but you may not understand these differences from the photo. It's difficult to tell these fiber's differences via a photo.

Left: America, Vintage, Neo

Next, her body.

The proportion of her body is similar to others. The number of knee's click is altually same. Forward 3 times, backword 1 time. And her arms are very flexible, but we can't make her pose becauseof her arms are like spring, so if we release her arms, it quickly keep initial position. In comparison with Licca body which come with Neo Blythe, we fix her arms as you like.

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This is her back. The copyright is in her back. According to this, America Blythe is also made in China.

Left: America, Vintage, Neo

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The dress is the good feature. These 2 dresses are original and replicated comes with America Blythe. At a glance, you can't distinguish which is the original. I think these are quite same except lace. But it's OK. This is good feature.

Left: America, Vintage. When click this pic, Top: America, Vintage

Finally, shoes and stand.

Recently, many items come with every Neo Blythe, but America Blythe includes only shoes and stand which is in left photo. That's it.

You can see its fitting image. It's not stable but we can use this for every Blythe. Shoes is also simple.

How do you feel these feature?

Some readers feel my opinion is too severe. But I'd like to stress her first impression is not good. Especiall in Japan, Blythe doll is unusual doll. I can't explain correctly in English. But Blythe is well-known as a niche products in Japan. This is because we've never seen such a doll with big face and eyes. So some people in Japan says Blythe is an odd doll. Futher more, America Blythe is not blonde face, looks not good as if she has some diseases. But I think if her first impression is not good, play with her, change her eyes, wear some dress, and finally we notice her attractive features.

And I'd like to say that her case is the most attractive feature. Some vintage doll fun buy the original vintage one using eBay because they'd like to have her original case. But you know the costs of vintage doll would more than $1000. And we can rarely find their original case. In comparison with this, buying America Blythe satisfy these desires easily. I think this case is good for appreciation.

By the way you might think where I can buy it. America Blythe is only sold in the US. This is because in Japan CWC can only sell Blythe. If you want to buy in Japan, ask some shop who import from the US. And you can find them in several auction sites like Yahoo! Auction or eBay. For overseas, you could buy it from collectibletoday.com but I realized the maker Ashton Drake, who produces America Blythe will lost their rights to produce Blythe in the biggining of 2008. So you will not be able to buy them in the near future.

Don't miss it! You enjoy not only her body and olso its case!



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